DIGIMAX Video Productions (PG-0140456-M) International Cinematographer · Videographer
  • Date : 20-12-2013
  • Location : Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Option A)
  • Song :  Barakallah by Maher Zain
  • Genre : Wedding Highlights
  • Photographer : NSR Media Studio

Cinematic wedding highlight of Muslim couple Muiz and Aimi, “The friends who become lovers”
This is a story of a friendship that blooms and merges into love. The story behind these two lovebirds is a story that nobody has ever thought about before for they but they are somehow destined to be together. It is magical!

They met each other many years ago as course mates. It was the time when they both just entered the tertiary education and were preparing themselves for higher education in overseas. That was how they met and knew each other and remained friends ever since, and they had always been just friend and nothing more.

After a few years of preparation, they went separate ways as Muiz went to Australia for his undergraduate study while Aimi went to Germany to study engineering, and that is the end of part one. None of them had any idea that God has planned something better for them in the future and so they continued with their own lives, being in contact just once in a while. Their friendship is merely friendship; they were not even best friends.

Time went by and after almost 6 years, they met each other again at friends’ wedding in Taiping, Perak and they began to get in touch via facebook and even then it was just ‘business’ and nothing more.

Long story short, they got to know each other AGAIN, began to know each other’s families and after a short while, Muiz decided to send his family to go for ‘merisik’. They got engaged for not more than a month and finally tie their knot for the sake of Allah.
It was indeed a surprising news to their friends as nobody really had an idea that they were having a fling.

It took both of them a while but at the end of the day, Muiz and Aimi finally nabbed the person of their dreams. They found the love of their lives in the person of their own girl/guy friend.

Thank you to our lovely couple Muiz Baith & Haizum Aimi Zaharin for your trust in Digimax Video Productions & hospitality as well as Aimi’s parents (Dato & Datin) who welcomed us with wide opened arms and delicious food….home cook “curry ikan” personnally served to us after the event, Thank you so much Dato & Datin, it’s sweet in my heart ! :-))

Last but not least, special Thanks to their both family members , especially bride’s sister Ismatul Fitriyah Zaharin about their love journey story.

Thanks to Photographer : NSR Media Studio, Saiful facebook : NSR media house
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