Dhana & Nanthini | Sky Garden iFly Sentosa Singapore | Magical Love Story Begins Here

  • Date : 06-11-2016
  • ROM Engagement : Sky Garden iFly Sentosa, Singapore
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Platinium Package)
  • Song : Flight by Jordan Critz & Hold On To You by Tyler Williams
  • Genre : Wedding Cinema

Capturing emotions – the overlooked and the unseen real moments are our trademark shots… Words may not be enough to describe what you are about to see, so sit back and enjoy our wedding cinema video.

Dhana & Nanthini Youtube URL : youtube.com/watch?v=z6W6up1VwlE  youtube.com/watch?v=LixpNUQRhi4
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Destination Wedding | Sydney Australia | Sid & Priya

  • Date : 31-01-2016
  • Engagement, ROM & Wedding : Sydney, Australia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Diamond Package B)
  • Song : Enna Solla (From “Thangamagan”) & Mulumathy (From “Jodha Akbar”) & Neduvaali (From “Osthe”)
  • Genre : Wedding Cinema

Wedding Cinema | Sid & Priya | Destination Wedding @ Sydney Australia by Digimax Video Productions from Digimax Video Productions on Vimeo.

Give a glimpse into a colorful and cultural extravaganza – the Unique Indian wedding. .. at Sydney, Australia

Priya was dolled up for all 3 events by BLUSH Beauty & Beyond ( dr Dinesh Nair ), she looks so stunning and beautiful in our video with your magical skill of make-up. The 3days trip was filled with love, joy and fun. It is absolutely fantastic ! It was a heart touching occasion with many laughter, excitement and wonderful speeches. The MC, bride’s only brother had brought a lot of fun to the newly-wed couple and the full house. Enjoy watching !

Thanks to Digimax’s team for the wonderful final output :
cinematographers : Kent Beng
Graphic design : Sandy
Full length editor : Qin

Special Thanks to our lovely couple and both family members for the honour in allowing our team to be part of your greatest day. Thank you for your trust in DIGIMAX Video Productions and your good heart.

Sid & Priya Youtube link : youtube.com/watch?v=kPiB3C3TipA   youtube.com/watch?v=h9VoyXRTzTI

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Registered for Eternity : Jahga & Elashinee

The R.O.M.

  • Date : 29-12-2014
  • Location : Suffolk House, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Option B)
  • Song :  A Thousand Years by The Piaono Guys
  • Genre : Wedding Highlights

Here’s a bit about their story ….
We’ve known each other since forever. We started off as rivals during our younger years to becoming the best of friends later on in life. It has been a long and beautiful journey knowing one another, sharing every joy and sorrow till one day we realized, we can’t live without each other. That moment on, we knew we were in love.
The rest is history.
We decided to have our R.O.M. on the 29th of December as it is a very significant date for both of us. Our anniversary. We had a small and simple ceremony with people closest to our hearts. We are very grateful to everyone who came to share our happiness with us. We will definitely cherish every single moment of the event for the rest of our lives.

Credits to:
Photographer: BestianKelly photographer
Make-up Artist & Hairstylist: G.Artistry – Yugesh
Decorations: Floralsense Deco

Last but not least, our special Thanks to Jahga and Ela for allowing us to be a part of your day. Thank you for your trust in DIGIMAX Video Productions.
Kindly switch on HD mode for HD quality, ENJOY WATCHING !
Asian cinematographer / videographer : digimax.com.my
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  • Date : 25-10-2014
  • Location : Arulmiga Sri Ruthra Veeramuthu Maha Mariamman Devasthanam Temple, Air Itam, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Option B)
  • Song :  Enthaaraa Enthaaraa – Thirumanam Enum Nikkah (instrumental)
  • Genre : Wedding Highlights

A simple yet elegant engagement of Jahga & Ela at Arulmiga Sri Ruthra Veeramuthu Maha Mariamman Devasthanam Temple, Air Itam, Penang.

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Make-up artist : Anita Kaur – Diva Bridal
Photographer : BestianKelly
Deco & lighting : Pranavis

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Sunset Beach Wedding : Avillion Port Dickson “60′s Back To Retro” of Joe & Erica by DIGIMAX Video Productions, Malaysia Wedding Videographer

  • Date : 09-03-2013
  • Wedding : Avillion Port Dickson, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (option B)
  • Songs : Real Love by Beatles
  • Genre : Wedding Highlights

Joe & Erica : 60’s Back To Retro Sunset Beach Wedding by DIGIMAX from Digimax Video Productions on Vimeo.

The Ultimate Wedding Destination
Joe & Erica have an unforgettable beautiful sunset beach wedding at Tumasek Beach, Avillion Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan on 09 Mac 13.

Our lovely couple Joe & Erica stand together in a moment in time when the sea, the sand, and the sky conspire to create the most magical setting for a private beach wedding. This is the most special venue to celebrate love and romance.

Our handsome groom Joe is a successful business man, he is really smart and kind hearted and had a friendly personality especially like to joke. Our bride’s is a successful business woman too. Erica looks gorgeous and beautiful. We love their sweetest smile all the day. We had great time and so easy to capture every single moments on their natural emotions.

Well, they had the most simplest wedding ceremony of all, …Just tea ceremony and ROM only. NO exchange of vow, NO wedding planner, NO gate crashing. Erica told us they just want everyone to join in and have fun, dance in a relax enviroment to have their buffet dinner.

This was our first time filming by take off our shoes and sink our toes into delightful soft white sands… “walking & running” under high temperature of the sun on the day, enjoy the sunset on the evening and night time filming underneath a blanket of stars , enjoy the 60’s oldies songs, fun with their friends and relatives… It was really the most relaxed, enjoyable and unique filming experience ever ! Especially it is open air….

Erica & Joe had arranged that we could all stay in the same resort as them as this would save the traveling time and for the convenience of us to cover the preparations and ceremonies. Well, it was really cool having to just walk a few minutes to couple’s room and the beach. Thanks a lot for your kindness booking a comfortable luxury seaview suite at Avillion, the 5star hotel for us to take a rest.

Once again we appreciate your trust to DIGIMAX Video Productions and give us this opportunity to be one of your wedding team members for capturing your once in a lifetime event. Special Thanks to our Ex-couple Poh Seng and Winnie. We appreciate both your good hearts in recommending your best friend to our video filming service. Love u all, Thank you very much !

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Grab a tissue ! We hope you can feel all of the LOVE that was shared in this video on Joe & Erica’s special day ! Enjoy viewing !

Kelvin & Angel : Buddhism Wedding

  • Date : 27-10-2012
  • Wedding : Butterowrth Buddhist Association, Penang, Malaysia
  • Reception : Ixora Hotel, Penang
  • Package : Cinematic Style (option B)
  • Songs : Waters of Irrawaddy (ost Beyond Rangoon) & Hand to Hold by Aaron and Andrew
  • Genre : Wedding Story







新人伟维, 宛颀, 感恩说为了这场婚礼,人情卡都刷爆了! 新郎哥伟维的家人愿意将这场婚礼在槟城举行。远道而来及一路上的配合!他们人在新加坡,远距离的搞这场婚礼,没有她们爸爸妈妈还有两位弟弟的帮忙,是不可能的!还有她爸爸的竹子架/木架、妈妈的绣球花圈、伽铭的罗骆联婚车牌和摆盘、伽恩的卡通片编制。。。新人特别谢谢伴郎伴娘,兄弟姐妹团,谢远道而来的朋友们,台湾的,香港的,新加坡的。


Three kinds of ceremony in a day (traditional Chinese wedding, marriage registration, Buddhist wedding ceremony)

Our teams  would like to thanks both of you always updated and discussed with us your latest arrangement and so kind to listen to our advise on important points. … Your cooperation has helped to keep our operation run smoothly.

We sincerely appreciated and thankful to your both family members, “Heng Tai” “Jie Mui” and photographers on their kindness , helpful and co-operation. With all the overall co-operation, especially in the wedding ceremony. Without any interruption,  it gave us such a warm feeling of happiness capturing a wide range of emotions and reactions from everybody on your  wonderful day.

Once again we appreciate your trust to DIGIMAX and give us this opportunity to be one of your wedding team members for capturing your once in a lifetime event. Thank you very much ! We wish both of you with a wonderful marriage and a happy life ahead.

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Ben & Joyce : the series movie

  • Location : Sungai Petani, Butterworth, Lonepine Hotel, Cheah Kongsi Temple, Clan Jetty, Moral Uplifting Society
  • Package : Cinematic Style (series movie) + NDE
  • Director : TS Lee
  • Songs : Helium Hearts by JasonReeves & Happy Ending (soundtrack while you were sleeping)

part 01 : R.O.M.

part 02 :save the DATE

part 03 :rolling rings (the finale)

bonus material : the power of SDE