Tamil Telugu Marriage | Kadjann & Koshala | Distance Could Never Do Us Apart

  • Date : 02-03-2017
  • Wedding : Nattukottai Chettiar Temple, Penang, Malaysia
  • Reception : Grand Season Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Diamond Package C)
  • Song : Ultraviolet by Lights & Motion & Azhagiye (from Kaatru Veliyidai ) & Kala Chashma (From Baar Baar Dekho)
  • Genre : Wedding Film

The wedding films featuring our main stars of the day, Kadjann Veloo & Koshi Naidu
Our handsome and charming groom was born in Australia and our stuning bride was from Malaysia. Our lovely bride,Koshi was dolled up by famous make-up artist Glitz (Shantini), she looks so stunning and beautiful in our video with her magical skill of make-up.

Here’s the story and write up from our couple, here we go..
“Distance could never do us apart ”

We both first met in 2005….. Never did we dream that we would end up marrying each other. It was love at first sight for me, but it took over 10 years of convincing to get the acceptance and approval of the bride.

It was tough to communicate as we were both living in separate countries. We would rarely meet or talk but deep inside we both knew we always shared feelings for each other.

In 2015 I flew from Australia to KL to meet with the bride after not seeing or communicating with her for 8 years. It was the biggest risk I had taken in my life but it gave me butterflies, a massive adrenaline rush and made my heart pound the fastest I had ever felt.

The moment she said yes to me, was a massive relief and it was proof that distance could never do us apart.

With the blessing of both of families, relatives and friends our wedding involved a combination of Tamil and Telugu rituals to acknowledge both our cultural backgrounds on a fun filled day.

Kadjann & Koshi

Kadjann, You’re a lucky man. Koshi is a beautiful girl with a heart of gold, and she deserves a good husband… Thank God you married her before she found one ! :-)

Again, we take this opportunity to Thanks for your Trust to Digimax for booked us far away from Australia one year in advance. Digimax Video Productions Wishing you both a beautiful life as husband and wife. May your years together be full of love, happiness and blessings.
Wedding Temple : Nattukotai Chettiar Murugan Temple Waterfall, Penang , Malaysia

Kadjann & Koshala Youtube link : youtube.com/watch?v=42xNIVXg5D8

Shurender & Pruntha | Forever Begins Today…For All Eternity

  • Date : 13-11-2016
  • Wedding : Nattukottai Chettiar Temple, Penang, Malaysia
  • Engagement : Sri Maha Muthu Mariamman Devasthanam, Wellesley Lunas, Kedah, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Diamond Package C)
  • Song : Pooppol Poopol (Minnale) & Innava Innava (Size Zero)
  • Genre : Wedding Film

Wedding Cinema | Shurender & Pruntha | Forever Begins Today…For All Eternity by Digimax Video Productions from Digimax Video Productions on Vimeo.

The wedding film featuring our main stars of the day, Shurender & Pruntha Shanmugam.

Love is the strongest power. It has the potential to make impossible possible. We wish that you both are blessed with the power of love for life and enjoy best of happiness and togetherness in your life.

*You have been wanted to be together for the rest of your life.*
*That wish is now granted.*
*May the love and romance never fade away over the years.*
*Keep the bond grow stronger.*
Congratulations on your wedding, my dearest newlyweds Shurender & Pruntha..!!

Charming Groom declares:
“I want everyone here, especially Pruntha, to know how lucky I feel to be here right now. Pruntha is beautiful, intelligent, hard working and more where no words can describe her. The list of her good qualities is extremely long.

And to you, my love, my heart. Where do I start? I never thought I would be standing here today with your ring on my finger, sharing your name. But I am so glad that I am. In you, I have my best friend, my mom & dad, my love, my one and only one life partner to eternity. But seriously, to my wife, my bride and joy, thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for your love, friendship and support and the joy you have brought into my life. You know everything about me and love me just the same. I have my faults, yet you still agreed to marry me. I am extremely lucky today to be the one to marry you and I hope this is the start of many happy years together. With you by my side, I have so much hope for the future and I look forward in making our dreams reality and sharing in this incredible journey with you.

Gorgeous bride says publicly:
“The man I love with all my heart, now and forever. My husband, as I can now call him, means everything to me. From the moment I saw him I knew he was the one and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I am so excited that today is the first day of the rest of our lives and I can’t wait to see where the path takes us. But wherever that path may be I know that nothing will be able to put a wedge between us. Therefore “Forever begins Today..for all Eternity.


Last but not least, special Thanks to Shurender & Pruntha for the honor of allowing our team to be a part of your day to capture all these beautiful moments of your wedding ceremony. DIGIMAX would like Thanks to our couple’s family members & friends for their kindness and fully cooperation has helped to keep our operation running smoothly. Without any interruption, it gave us such a warm feeling of happiness capturing a wide range of emotions and reactions from everybody on this wonderful day. That’s the outcome, they will have. ENJOY WATCHING !

Photographer : BestianKelly Photography
Make up artist : Vmas Vimas Beauty Studio Hemalatha Krishnan
Decor : Suman decor Suman Thiran
Catering engagement : Shan Catering Service
Catering wedding : Sivam Catering
Sound system : Vessai Productions

Youtube link : youtube.com/watch?v=1Hu4ggH1gAo   youtube.com/watch?v=3UsxTBb53ec

Digimax facebook fanpage : facebook.com/DigimaxVideoProductions/

Munis & Menakha | For Time & All Eternity

  • Date : 14-09-2016
  • Wedding : Nattukottai Chettiar Temple, Penang, Malaysia
  • Reception : Lot 33, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Diamond Package B)
  • Song : Unnaal Unnaal (From Ambikapathy) & Sadi Gali (From Tanu Weds Manu)
  • Genre : Wedding Cinema

Wedding Cinema | Munis & Menakha | For Time And all Eternity by Digimax Video Productions from Digimax Video Productions on Vimeo.

Capturing emotions – the overlooked and the unseen real moments are our trademark shots… Words may not be enough to describe what you are about to see, so sit back and enjoy our wedding cinema video.

The wedding cinema featuring our main stars of the day,Munis & Menakha.

Here’s we go the write up from our lovely couple
“It’s like a dream thinking back of our love story. It’s like it just happened a couple of days ago. We met as young teenagers on the year 2002 by chance and destiny made sure that we came across each other more often. Love bloomed and we have finally tied the knot after more than 10 years of courtship :-) .

We are so thankful to our families and friends for everything. We do feel very blessed ! Many thanks to all those who made our event even more memorable. Especially the superb cinematographers from Digimax crews, a special mention has to be given to Ms Low, your energy is boundless ”

Munis & Menakha

Credit & Thanks :
Cinematographer : Digimax Lee and Ms Low
Amazing Make-up artist : Glitz (Shantini)
Photographer : Mike Tan Photography
Decor : Mayura Creation (Wedding);
Shahreen Shariff the house of bridal (Reception)
MC: Mr Edwin
Band: VM Unplugged
Mehndi: D’shaaz Vicky
Caterer: Jaya Catering & Event Management
Wedding Temple : Nattukkottai Chettiar Temple, waterfall, Penang, Malaysia

Munis & Menakha Youtube URL : youtube.com/watch?v=rCIVeG9ivpY  youtube.com/watch?v=6huvdjPbFdw