Indian Muslim Wedding | Nizam & Jasmin

Akad Nikah, Mhendi Night & Bride Reception

  • Date : 04-08-2017
  • Nikah & Mahendi Night : Dewan Masyarakat Penyayang, Penang, Malaysia
  • Bride Dinner : Moral Uplifting Society Hall, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Diamond Package A)
  • Song : Love Mashup 2015 (by DJ Chetas
  • Genre : Wedding Highlights

The wedding highlight featuring our main stars of the day, Nizam & Jasmin
Capturing emotions – the overlooked and the unseen real moments are our trademark shots… Words may not be enough to describe what you are about to see, so sit back and enjoy our wedding highlight video “The Eternal Love”

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Groom Reception

  • Date : 06-08-2017
  • Location : Lpt 33, Prangin Mall, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Diamond Package A)
  • Song : 
  • Genre : Wedding Highlights

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Blessings from “Above” – The Unity of Ravi + Kuhan + Renu

  • Date : 24-05-2014
  • Wedding : Sri Veerama Kaliamman Devasthanam Temple, Gelugor, Penang, Malaysia
  • Reception : Moral Uplifting Society Hall, Chee Hoon Kor. Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Option A)
  • Song : Oh Penne, International Version (Vanakkam Chennai)
  • Genre : Wedding Highlights
  • Photography : Grant Gorban Photography
  • Make up artist : gLi+z (Shantini)
  • Deco: Dheba Olii Ent ( Sharavanan)
  • Youtube link :

The write up story behind the video by our lovely couple Ravindran & Renu.

It’s been God’s blessings since the beginning of this wonderful relationship. We got to know each other as work colleagues more than 2 years ago and at that time, Renu had just come out of a divorce with a son who was then 5 years of age. Our relationship started off as colleagues, and then as friends. We had very strong chemistry and we discovered too many similarities between us to even begin with. We had the same wave length in the way our mind flowed and the same taste for living a life we have dreamt off. We were both driven to always advance in life and to achieve our goals. And as we were discovering each other in a long distance friendship, one fine day, Renu brought little Kuhan along for a company event in Penang and that was when I met Kuhan for the first time. It was an amazing moment because Kuhan and I bonded so well almost instantly. It was so special that it was beyond physical bond, there was something special about this boy and me and Kuhan yearned for each other every single day after the first meet. We spoke every day over the phone and the friendship we had slowly turned into romance, in our case it was about three individuals falling in love with each other and wanting a family unit called upon us.

We prayed and had faith while battling many obstacles. Like in any other relationship, not everything was smooth sailing and we had our fair share of challenges. But what does not bother you will only make you stronger. Despite going through all the challenges we faced and still being strong together proved the strength of our love and faith to one another. On Renu’s birthday on 01st November 2013, I proposed and she said a “YES”! It was a magical moment, with tears of joy and Kuhan witnessing this precious moment was very special. With blessings from both families, then came 5 months of stressful planning and coordination for our big day.

This journey that we embarked on together was a bit at ease with the overwhelming support from our families and close friends.

As we look back at all we have been through and to see the wedding photos and the video now, we cannot help but to feel proud of ourselves as we have accomplished and made a statement to everyone that Life’s Happiness and Love has No Boundaries. Kuhan being part of this joy is a blessing and he made this relationship too special. We thank God, our parents, family members and close friends whom were there for us throughout into making our dreams come true.

On a personal note, we need to convey our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mr. Lee and Ms. Low, two amazing people who captured all our wonderful emotions on our big day in a beautifully edited video. The highlights clip brought tears to many after they watched it. It was really touching and Digimax edited the highlights as if it was their very own wedding. We are truly amazed at their creativity and editing skills and they have been so easy to work with and very accommodative to us. We are very grateful and appreciative to have Digimax be a part of our big day and for leaving us with these precious memories that we will cherish forever.

Ravindran & Renu

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