The Malay Themed Wedding Reception of : Shamir & Fairuz

  • Date : 01-01-2014
  • Location : Pinhorn Road, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Option A)
  • Song :  Terukir Di Bintang by Yuna
  • Genre : Wedding Highlights
  • Youtube Link :

It was New Year’s in Penang as Shamir & Fairuz celebrated their union in Marriage. More than 800 guests comprising of family & friends got together at the turn of 2014 to join in the celebration.

This included the Governor of Penang and his wife; T.Y.T Tun Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Hj. Abdul Rahman
Abbas & Toh Puan Majimor Shariff, The Chief Minister of Penang and his wife; Y.A.B Lim Guan Eng & Betty Chew, and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and his wife; Tan Sri Nor Mohd Yakcop & Puan Sri Fawziah Begum.

The Bride & Groom stood out handsomely adorning a White Malay Traditional suit. As they arrived, the sounds of ‘kompang’ (traditional Malay drums) accompanied them to their respective seats. The night was filled with colour, good food, good music and a splendid speech by the Godfather of the groom, Dato’ Meer Sadik. It was the first wedding in 23 years taking place in the residence of Dato’ Habib Mohamed.

Digimax would like to wish Shamir & Fairuz their heartiest congratulations. They look fabulous together and Semoga Berbahagia Sampai Ke Syurga! (May they be blessed till the gates of heaven)

Kindly switch on HD mode for HD quality. Enjoy watching !

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Malaysia Malay Wedding Cinematography

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Muslim wedding highlight of Haz and Taz : “East meets West” by Digimax Video Productions

  • Date : 15-12-2012
  • Wedding Reception : Setia Pearl Island Country Club, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (option A)
  • Song : I’ll Be by Edwin McCain
  • Genre : Wedding Highlights
  • Youtube link :

The Malay wedding of Haz and Taz : Long Distance LOVE “UK + M’sia” from Digimax Video Productions on Vimeo.

Colourful, joyous and awesome wedding reception of Hazrina and Tariq.

This is a cinematic Malay Wedding video highlight of Haz and Taq. Our lovely couple Haz and Taq celebrated their elegant wedding reception at Pearl Grand Ballroom, Setia Pearl Island Country Club, Penang on 15 Dec2012.

The entire night was filled with love, joy and fun…… Procession walks in starting with silat performance , Kompang performance , recital of doa and continue with lot of dance. It was a heart touching occasion with many laughter, excitement and wonderful speeches by their best friends.

Tariq and Hazrina was first introduced through a friend in 2004 in Kuala Lumpur when Hazrina was just a university student and Tariq, a British citizen was working in Melaka. Hazrina barely remembered that brief encounter, but Tariq developed a “love at first sight” feeling for her but was too shy to continue any conversation with her during that introduction. Nevertheless, she remained on his mind for many years, even after he stopped working in Melaka and moved back to the UK.
In 2009, Tariq and Hazrina was reintroduced through the same friend. While Hazrina thought she was meeting him for the first time, Tariq realised that this was his second chance to pursue who he considered to be the girl of his dreams. What followed then was a short but intense whirlwind romance and courtship between the two, most of which happening over long distance with Hazrina being in Malaysia and Tariq in the UK.

Last but not least, Special Thanks to Hazrina Zainul and Tariq Khan for the honour in allowing our team to be part of your greatest day. Thank you for your trust in Digimax Video Productions and your good heart.
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