Sam & Yvonne | Garden Wedding | Parkroyal Hotel

  • Date : 03-01-2016
  • Wedding : Parkroyal Hotel, Batu Ferringgi, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Option B)
  • Song : Bones by Josh Record
  • Genre : Wedding Cinema

Lovely couple Sam & Yvonne from U.K. Their gorgeous wedding destination is Malaysia, their home. The exquisite wedding was attended by close friends and family from around the world to be with the couple on their special day. Followed by a fabulous wedding reception at Parkroyal Penang Resort hotel.

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Garden Wedding of Melvin & Irene

  • Date : 30-08-2014
  • Wedding : Park Royal Resort, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Option A)
  • Song : Unbreakable by Jamie Scott
  • Genre : Wedding Highlights

Melvin and Irene both grew up in Penang and lived 10 minutes away from one another. They share many of the same friends and had crossed paths as teenagers, but it wasn’t until they were both in Houston that they got to know one another. Melvin was just starting his career as an engineer and Irene graduate school to become a psychologist. Over time their friendship turned into a budding romance. Melvin thinks Irene adds sparkle to his life and Irene says Melvin is her rock. As a result, they say they make each other better people.

Fast forward five and a half years, Melvin and Irene celebrated their marriage in Park Royal Resort Penang.
It rained the week leading up to the wedding, but luckily the sun shone through the day of. Our celebrated couple had a tea ceremony with a Penang nyonya theme, followed by a garden wedding ceremony. The bride, Irene, has a naturally captivating smile and we can see see her excitement and happiness in getting married to Melvin. It is clear that the groom, Melvin, shares the same feelings as he looked dashing and smiled so confidently as he greeted his bride. They were surrounded by their lovely bridesmaids and smart-looking groomsmen as well as many family and friends. We later found out that many of them had traveled a distance
including from the USA, Dubai, Australia, Shanghai, Taiwan, Jakarta, Singapore, and KL. We loved capturing their wedding day as everyone was having a good time and there were many smiles and lots of laughter. In the evening, the couple performed their first dance which had elements of a Viennese waltz — it was exhilarating to watch and the guests enjoyed it as much as the couple did. Afterward, their guests joined them on the dance floor and kept the party going (look out for the dance train and cupid shuffle!).

Although it was a rushed day for us as videographers because the events were held back-to-back, we felt happy being able to capture their joyous celebration. We had a great time filming this beautiful couple and feel
privileged that they trust Digimax to document their day. Melvin and Irene had found us online while they were in Houston and told us how excited they were about our work. After a Skype chat and some email, we were settled on the details. Melvin and Irene have the following words for us:

Lee and Low, it has been wonderful to work with you both! Thank you so much for agreeing to be our videographer and for accommodating our time difference as we Skyped. As we did the wedding planning on our own, many of the questions you had asked and the tips you gave in preparation for our day were very helpful. It was also incredibly easy to work with you on the day itself and I think all of us had more smiles and laughter because of your bright and cheerful personalities. We are fans of your artistic work and have only the best compliments for the both of you. Much regards from the newly married Mr. & Mrs. Tang :)

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Parkroyal Garden Wedding : Misarah & Sze Ming “where it happened…..two HEART and a TUNE

  • Date : 28-06-2014
  • Wedding : Park Royal Hotel, Batu Ferringgi, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Option B)
  • Song : Two By Analog Heart & What You Wanted by One Republic
  • Genre : Wedding Cinema
  • Cinematographer : TS Lee & SH Ng
  • Photography : My Dream Wedding
  • Make up artist : Angela Kang
  • Youtube Link :

Parkroyal Garden Wedding // Misarah & Sze Ming // Wedding cinema by DIGIMAX Video Productions from Digimax Video Productions on Vimeo.

Meet our lovely couple, Jordan Muslim guy Misarah Zreaqat & Buddhist girl Sze Ming
- “Where It Happened … Two Hearts and a Tune”

Six years ago, early 2008 their journey started with admiration and love at first sight. The Chemistry between them was very strong and even biology, physics and mathematics probably. He was a 27-year old part-time English teacher while at the same time doing his postgraduate studies in Malaysia. She was a 21-year old part-time admin girl while at the same time doing her Law Degree in Penang. They would meet during the day time and spend plenty of time on MSN during night.

Their love grew by days and their relationship got stronger and stronger. The relationship went through some tough times as they both come from completely different environments, he is a Muslim guy from Jordan and she is a Buddhist girl from Malaysia and they both come from very conservative families.

The only thing they had in common was their sweet and pure love, the love that knows no borders, religions, or cultures. They both had faith in their pure love and together they continued despite the many obstacles knowing that everything would come around one day and submit to the power of almighty love.

Three years into the relationship was the time to face these obstacles when he had to meet the parents of the girl for the very first time. His parents then flew to Malaysia to meet the girl and her family and indeed everything came around eventually.

In a short visit to Australia for attending her cousin’s wedding, our man had some other plans. He planned to propose after booking for a morning cruise that they actually missed due to time earning he wasn’t aware of. He thought it could be a good sign as some other places could be better. In a short evening walk in the Hyde Park in Sydney, he proposed to his love and she said ‘Yes’. Six years into the relationship, they decided that it was time to take the relationship a step forward, they decided it was time to tie the knot and start a family.

Congratulation to our lovely couple Misarah & Sze Ming, DIGIMAX video Productions are so happy that are able to be a part and film this beautiful garden wedding. Our editor squeeze his head edited and combined 3 events in a beautiful highlight. Enjoy watching their touching moments and here you go …

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Wedding in the Woods of Joachim & Daphne

  • Date : 01-07-2013
  • Wedding : Baling & Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia
  • Vow Exchange : Sekeping Serendah, Rawang, Selengor, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (option B)
  • Songs :My Love Will Never Fail You y Marie Hines
  • Genre : Wedding Story
  • Youtube link :

Joachim & Daphne met when they were in secondary school and there was no love at first sight. In fact, they only got closer when they attended a tuition class together. They themselves didn’t know that their relationship could last the test of time as most high school couples tend to go their own ways when they go to different universities. As fated, they ended up being accepted into UPM together and the rest is history. By the time of their wedding in July, they have just celebrated their one decade together.

If we could summarise their wedding preparations and multiple receptions, we would call it a ‘Crazy Fabulous Wedding in 80 days’. No prior Plans, No Venues and No Wedding Planner! It was just Joachim and Daphne with their bunch of supportive families and good friends, putting their heads and hands together for this joyous
event. As both Joachim and Daphne are working in KL, there was a lot of travelling between KL and Penang involved during the preparation.

The wedding kicked off with their Chinese Ceremony and Receptions in Bukit Mertajam and Baling. There was a lot of tea served and ‘Yum Seng’ involved throughout the events.

A week after, the couple had another intimate Vow Exchange ceremony and reception held in a hidden gem in Rawang, Sekeping Serendah. Joachim and Daphne chose to have this small ceremony as they have always wanted to walk down the aisle and be married in front of their closest family and friends. The ceremony was held in a warehouse which was surrounded by lush greeneries and open nature, hence the theme ‘wedding in the WOODS’. The decor, invitations, door gifts and flowers were all handmade and prepared by the couple and their creative buddies. There were good food, great ambience, awesome live music coupled with a sporting and fantastic crowd, the party was in full swing.

In this wedding, there were a lot of moments captured, from laughter to tears and a heartfelt love between the couple, we wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Special dedication of the highlight from the couple to Joachim’s late father, “We know you will always be watching over us from above, Papa.”

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Grab a tissue ! We hope you can feel all of the LOVE that was shared in this video on Joachim & Daphne’s special day ! Enjoy viewing !

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Garden Wedding of Jason & Chynnie at Parkroyal Hotel by DIGIMAX Video Productions, Malaysia Wedding Videograpger

  • Date : 21-12-2012
  • Location : Parkroyal Hotel, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (option C)
  • Songs : You by Future of Forestry & Secret by One Republic
  • Genre : Wedding Film
  • Youtube link :

Jason & Chynnie : Parkroyal Garden Wedding from Digimax Video Productions on Vimeo.

Jason & Chynnie : Trailer “Fooling around at the Gym” from Digimax Video Productions on Vimeo.

Lovely couple Jason & Chyn from Perth, Western Australia. Their gorgeous wedding destination is Malaysia, their home. The exquisite wedding was attended by close friends and family from around the world to be with the couple on their special day. Followed by a fabulous wedding reception at Parkroyal Penang Resort hotel.
This whole concept and ideas were provided by our very lovely couple Jason & Chyn with their groom’s party and bride’s party themselves.…. This fooling video by incredible guys around at the Gym was taken by DIGIMAX one day before their big day…

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