Chinese Traditional Tea Ceremony | Han Guan & Wei Jane

  • Date : 28-01-2018
  • Wedding : Relau, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Diamond Package A)
  • Song : Risen by Generdyn & U. R. Beautiful by The Beach
  • Genre : Wedding Cinema

拥有高达95% #4星以上评级超高人气的@Leong Hee垄禧海鲜小厨足足有超过38年历史了…,是很多Paya Terubong人的挚爱和集体回忆,东主今日为长男承办婚宴特别美味佳肴招待亲朋戚友.宴开百席,轰轰烈烈,祝贺新人 。。Enjoy watching !
The highlight featured our main stars of the day, Han Guan & Wei Jane
Though weddings have been modernized and are following more trends from Western culture, the Chinese wedding tea ceremony today still remains the most significant wedding tradition that every Chinese couple must go through when they get married. It shows how the couple respect their seniority.
Here’s the wonderful atmosphere of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and gate crashing by their crazy “heng tai”…Enjoy watching !

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