Ben & Joyce : the series movie

  • Location : Sungai Petani, Butterworth, Lonepine Hotel, Cheah Kongsi Temple, Clan Jetty, Moral Uplifting Society
  • Package : Cinematic Style (series movie) + NDE
  • Director : TS Lee
  • Songs : Helium Hearts by JasonReeves & Happy Ending (soundtrack while you were sleeping)

part 01 : R.O.M.

part 02 :save the DATE

part 03 :rolling rings (the finale)

bonus material : the power of SDE

6 thoughts on “Ben & Joyce : the series movie

  1. 我的四部结婚短片已经完全上映了,请各位尽情享受和分享~希望你们会喜欢!!
    至一百万个谢意给我的Digimax Video Productions ,你们是最棒的!!!

  2. 谢谢Digimax, 你们的拍摄手法真的是一流,我们超喜欢,我们已经看了很多次,但是也一样感动,这四部video 真的给我们美好的回忆,我们永远都记在心里。

  3. Digimax lee & couples, Alvin & ah beng, I very appreciate your effort to help me capture the world class touching video for me & my wife. This four episodes video give me & my wife have a sweet & good memory. Digimax BOLEH!!!! from:Ben n Joyce

  4. 全家人一整天都在看我的结婚短片,尤其是我老公,一有时间就看,我已经数不清次数了!!因为真的是太棒了~再次谢谢我最爱的家人,哥哥朋友Kevin Nia Lysing Lee帮忙各位姐妹团,兄弟团,还有把这部戏拍的这样棒的Digimax Video Productions~u all is the best~

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